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Original Art (not in an exhibition)

Bryan Macilko: Woodstock Rhino

Woodstock Rhino Bryan Macilko Mixed Medium Encaustic 8” x 8”   “I send you love” is a very apt common thread for the message conveyed in this group of pieces. They are meant to...


Janis Fowler: Roxanne

Roxanne Janis Fowler Oil (with Gamblin cold wax medium for texture) on wood panel 19"w x 24"h   Roxanne is really feeling herself today. And she should, she has a fresh new colorful 'do and...


Janis Fowler: Forest Path

Forest Path Janis Fowler Oil on Panel 16" x 20" 18" x 22" Framed   This painting was a result of my love of Bob Ross and his creation of worlds out of what seemed like...


Janis Fowler: Day's End

Day's End Janis Fowler Oil on aluminum panel 24" x 36" 28" x 40" Framed   The colors of a sunset have always spoken to my emotions, and something about the rosy glow of fading light...


Elisa Wikey: Football - Original Art

“Football” Original Art Elisa Wikey Framed original art Acrylic paint marker and pen 2.5” T x 3.5” L   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Elisa Wikey Favorite subjects: food, animals, puns, existentialism. My work is influenced by...


Courtney Cavaliere: Miss Kitty's Mosaic Butterfly House

Miss Kitty's Mosaic Butterfly House Courtney Cavaliere Mosaic (stained glass, vitreous glass, glass tile, ceramic tile, ceramic rose, and polymer clay beads on handmade wooden house substrate. Includes polymer clay cat figurine.) 12.5"...


Janis Fowler: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Janis Fowler Oil on wood panel 24" x 30"   A woman, suspended, undergoes a transformation. She peacefully accepts the transition while swiftly dissolving into globs of paint. Get to Know the Austin Artist: Janis...


Abby Ruston: Fuego

Fuego Abby Ruston Wood, steel  18” x 12” x 12”   This piece is originally from Connecticut. My friend brought it with her when she moved down to Texas. During that time she painted it...


Janis Fowler: Drip

Drip Janis Fowler Oil on Panel 16"x24"   This piece was an exploration into the idea of sinking into something beautiful. I tried to capture the feeling of being dipped into a vat of rich,...


JR Rapier: In the Woods

In The Woods JR Rapier      Oil on Canvas 40” x 20”   Birthing life is beautiful, but the reality is it’s hard work. We all fantasize creating our masterpiece will be adventurous and fun,...


Josh Allen: Alexandria

Alexandria Josh Allen Graphite Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Pen 8.5" x 11" unframed (framed)   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman to be elected to the United States congress...


JR Rapier: Chisholm

Chisholm JR Rapier 24” x 52"    I’m actually terrified of cows. They stare at you. Bulls want to plow you over. I like cows behind a fence most definitely. And if you have...