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Original Art (not in an exhibition)

JR Rapier: Central Park (Original Artwork)

Central Park JR Rapier Oil on canvas 20” x 20”   Just recently, I’ve been experiencing with abstract painting. Having not a clue how to start, what to...


JR Rapier: Chisholm

Chisholm JR Rapier 24” x 52"    I’m actually terrified of cows. They stare at you. Bulls want to plow you over. I like cows behind a fence most definitely. And if you have...


Janis Fowler: Ophelia

Ophelia Janis Fowler Oil on aluminum panel 18" x 24" Framed is 22" x 28"   Ophelia floats, rendered in many layers of oil paint atop bright, polished aluminum.     Get to Know the Austin Artist: Janis Fowler I'm...


Janis Fowler: Seaside

Seaside Janis Fowler     Oil painting on aluminum panel Framed 18" x 24" Framed is 22" x 28"   A beautiful day slowly begins to come to a close at the seaside, with a celebration of...


Janis Fowler: Fire (Glass Collage)

Fire Janis Fowler Glass, alcohol ink, gel mediums, and handmade papers 22" x 28" Colorful, abstract, framed glass collage   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Janis Fowler My name...


Janis Fowler: Octopersuasion

Octopersuasion Janis Fowler Paperclay and plaster sculpture, octopus covered in resin About 9.5" high x 6.75" wide x 6.5" deep My hand, casted from plaster, holding an octopus which I...


Rydia Mün: Nude Bird Reclining

Nude Bird Reclining Rydia Mün Acrylic on canvas 18×24 "Nude Bird embodies personal inner conflict. She dwells in the place where life and death meet, light and dark, inspiration and...