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Seek Adventure Co: Leather Bracelets for People, Leather Bowtie Dog Collars and more

Get to Know the Austin Artist of Seek Adventure Co:

Founder and Creator of Seek Adventure Co, Julia Cleaver, is the mind and soul behind these one-of-a kind hand-made goods. Bailey is our four year old Jack Russell Terrier who shares her support by “staying” during the absurd number of photo shoots. She is a good girl..

In 2015, a travel bug took Julia to Australia for several months. When returning home, her father (a successful leather craftsman), gifted her with one of his hand-made leather bracelets before she would leave again, this time to New Zealand. These first overseas experiences ignited her passion for seeking adventure. Upon returning from life in New Zealand, she realized the bracelet her father had made was lost in travel. Her father worked to recreate the gift, this time showing her tricks of the trade.

Julia’s adventures coasted for a couple years in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA. She used what she learned from her father to continue making bracelets, specially for friends and family. Her craft was purely fueled by the joy brought to others from a simple hand-made leather bracelet, and still is. With generous amounts of support & inspiration from family and friends, her leather work has blossomed from bracelets to wallets, to dog collars, and continues to grow.

Since, she has been to Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Saipan, and Vietnam. This website is purely dedicated to Julia’s hard work while she pours hours of imagination, precision, and heart into each product