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Solo Exhibition: The Pink Parachute Project

Welcome to the Pink Parachute Project!

What do you think of when you picture a parachute? Most likely something of substantial material, that creates resistance in the wind to slow you down, or stop you.

And what do you think of when envision the color pink? Most likely something feminine.

If you combine the two as a pink parachute, then you would imagine an object being the symbol of resistance for women pulling them backwards with inequality. But a parachute does much more than stop us from falling - it shines in the light, it moves with the wind, it gives us a positive wind resistance that can be controlled to land us safely where we want to go.

The images represented in this series will lead you through the variety of women’s issues. They will also showcase our strengths to remind women that they can overcome anything and change the narrative for a better future. My hope is that continued discussions will stay at the forefront of society until women’s struggles are no longer pulling us back, but allowing us to positively navigate our lives.

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