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Brand New!!!!!

Welcome to the virtual store of Art for the People, our brick & mortar is located in Austin Tx!!!! Now you can enter the fabulousness of Austin Art via our online store, we have the artwork of ~100 Austin Artists and another 5artists scattered throughout Texas and the USA!!!

We have a phenomenal artisan market that has a vast array of art; bath and body care, candles, ceramics, drink ware, greeting cards, home décor, jewelry, original art, photography, prints, sculptures, t-shirts and so much more!!!

As of march 2020, our art gallery has 4 exhibitions! We have the ART ART ART, Art of Celebration, Celebrities and the fourth exhibition is Robots in Rowboats, Art by Lauren Briére which is everlasting and always changing!!!

Here is an example of what we look like in March 2020!!