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Please Press Pause

Please Press Pause: An Exhibition of Time & Gratitude

by Julie Pelaez

  • Every piece in this exhibit has 2 vertical rectangles – a nod to the pause symbol – some more obvious than others. 
  • Housed on the back of each original artwork is a blank card for the buyer to fill out their own personal gratitude list. The untitled artwork is then titled according to the month/day/year of its purchase, representing a marker for that person’s pause of reflection. 
  • As artworks are generally hung for a span of years, the art itself will serve as a daily visual reminder of pause while their list will become a time capsule of sorts, to be revisited years down the road when parts of the list have inevitably expired. 
  • Please Press Pause is a reminder to us all to savor the present and observe our lives through a lens of gratitude.