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We are here for you!!!!

​​Can I purchase using the online store and pick it up at Art For The People (Austin, TX)?

Yes!!!! When checking out, select “In Store Pick Up” for the shipping rate! We will have your order ready for pick up during our store hours, Wednesday thru Sunday, 12:00pm - 6:00pm (Central Standard Time)! Please give us 24 hours to get your order prepared, if you need it sooner please call us at +1-512-761-4708.

​How soon will my order ship & how quickly will I receive it?

2-5 business days to get the order ready and we use USPS Priority Shipping.

​Is the full inventory of Art for the People (brick & mortar) online?

We wish!!!! We are attempting to get everything online. You can email if you have questions!

​What is your return policy ? What if the item is damaged?

No returns, every item is unique and special. If the product is damaged during the shipping process, please email within 48 hours of receiving damaged item.

​What are your store hours (brick and mortar) ?

We’re open Wednesdays through Sundays, 12pm-6pm and Tuesdays by appointment.

​​How often do you receive new art from your artists and how do y’all find artists?

Every week since we work closely with our 100+ Austin Artists.

​​Where are the artists located?

Art for the People have 130 Austin Artists involved in our artisan market and gallery, we also have 6 non-Austin Artists.