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Connor Teseny: Tarpon (8x10 Print)


Tarpon Connor Teseny 8” x 10” Print   I've always found skeletons very interesting. Especially those of fish. They have such a unique structure that holds them together. I decided to do this tarpon (king of the minnows) as its one of my favorite fish!   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Connor Teseny Nature has always...

Connor Teseny: The Hunter (11x14 Print)


The Hunter (Harpy Eagle) Connor Teseny 11” x 14” Print   I love birds of prey. The Harpy eagle has always been a bird I've been in awe of. They're huge powerful birds but they’re so elegant and delicate at the same time. I wanted to capture that in this...

Connor Teseny: Glub Glub (8x10 Print)


Glub Glub Connor Teseny 8” x 10” Print There was something about this that got my creative juices flowing so I figured I'd draw up a little goldfish in a super simple composition, this wound up being one of the most enjoyable pieces I've created.   Get to Know...