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Connor Teseny: Kotton Kandy


Kotton Kandy (Hippo)Kampos (seahorse) 8”x10" print from the original on Ampersand scratchboard with Ampersand colored ink. I’ve done a few of these seahorses in black and white by request, so I figured I'd drop some color in one. The name seahorse came from the greek combination of "hippos" which means horse, and...

Connor Teseny: 3 Bees


3 Bees Connor Teseny Ampersand scratchboard with colored scratchboard inks 5” x 7” unframed              I love drawing bees. They’re such important little creatures and I find myself wanting to create them all the time. I figured I’ve done so many in black and white so I decided to throw some color into this...

Connor Teseny: Ruby


Ruby Connor Teseny Ampersand scratchboard                                                                                    5" x 7" (framed )   I was at my aunt and uncles new house on the coast this last fall, and the hummingbird migration was in full effect! I wound up getting several good pictures and couldnt decide which ones to start with, so I wound up taking...

Connor Teseny: Pretty Picnic


Pretty Picnic Connor Teseny Ampersand Scratchboard with Ampersand inks 5"x7" One of my cousins took a picture of a bee on a flower, so I decided to create it using my own hand. I loved the colors so I saturated them a bit more to make the flower pop....

Connor Teseny: Clairvoyant (Print)


Clairvoyant Lynx (Print from original on ampersand scratchboard) 8” x 8” I don't create many mammals as they typically don’t call out to me but the lynx is a bit different. The gaze they have was so striking to me, and when I learned that "lynx" is deprived from the Indo-European...

Connor Teseny: Intercoastal Travels

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Intercoastal Travels Connor Teseny Copper Plate Etching 6” x 7"  (framed 11” x 14”) This is another etching I have created using my favorite animal, the brown pelican, as a reference. I love creating these birds as etchings because the aquatinting process I used to control my values gives such a delicate and beautiful...

Connor Teseny: Great Blue


Great Blue Connor TesenyAmpersand scratchboard with ampersand inks     5” x 7” (framed 8” x 10”)   During my recent coast trip, I got very inspired by the many wading birds I got to see. Oddly enough the one that I didn’t see, was the Great Blue Heron, which is by far the most...

Connor Teseny: Grackles


Grackles Connor Teseny Oil & acrylic on canvas                                                                                  5" x 7" (framed )   Grackles constantly inspire me. I love how much character they have. This little painting was inspired by the calm side of these kooky little birds.   This piece, like all my work is framed in a custom, handmade CJTProducts frame made from recycled...

Connor Teseny: Froggy Night


Froggy Night Connor Teseny Ampersand Scratchboards and Ampersand inks 5” x 7"  (framed 8” x 10”) Frogs have been a heavy influence on my art. I always find myself wanting to create them. Ive recently been really enjoying photographing american bullfrogs at night, because they blend in with their surroundings so well, most of...

Connor Teseny: Misty Morning


Misty Morning Connor Teseny Ampersand scratchboard                                                                                    5" x 7" (framed )   I’ve been wanting to create an armadillo on scratchboard for a good while now, but wasn’t sure what composition or color to create it in, so I decided to go outside of my normal comfort zone and try something new, and I...