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Courtney Cavaliere: Disco Cat


Disco Cat Courtney Cavaliere Mosaic (stained glass, mirror-backed glass, and ocean glass on painted mdf board) 12" x 8" x 5/8"  I love cats, and the idea of a cat striking a disco pose makes me laugh.   Get to Know the Austin Artist: I work full-time as an editor, and creating glass art is my...

Courtney Cavaliere: Red Flower Mandala


Red Flower Mandala Courtney Cavaliere Mosaic (stained glass, gold tile, iridized glass squares and pebbles, beads, and button on painted mdf board) 12" in diameter   I created this piece as a challenge for myself--to design something more abstract and geometric and to incorporate materials I had never used before. I found a glass button...

Courtney Cavaliere: Miss Kitty's Mosaic Garden House


Miss Kitty's Mosaic Garden House Courtney Cavaliere Mosaic (stained glass, vitreous glass, ceramic tile, glass tile, glass pebbles, brass charms, and polymer clay beads on wooden substrate) Approximately 9" x 5" x 11"   I recently began making three-dimensional mosaics, inspired by the work and teachings of a mosaic artist in Colorado. I came up...