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Flaw'd: Hidden Presence


Hidden Presence Flaw'd 5 layer Hand Cut Stencils and spray paint 12"X12" on wood canvas with varnish This is a Great Horned Owl. I wanted to try and convey the dark mystique and the interconnectedness of the owl and the night.   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Flaw’d My passions include art, animals,...

Flaw'd: 8-Ball Stalking


8-Ball Stalking Flaw'd Hand-cut stencils and Aerosol on glass mosaic tile; framed 14" x 14" This is "8-Ball" a black leopard at a wildlife sanctuary where I once worked. He was often in this pose, ready for action or play. I attempted to choose an abstract background that would elicit a feeling or...

Flaw'd: Head in the Clouds


Head in the Clouds Flaw'd Hand-cut stencils and aerosol on wood panel canvas 12"x16"x2" I absolutely love Texas skies. The sky/clouds and thunderstorms are a few of my favorite things about growing up and living in TX. As I did when I was a kid, I am always looking up at the sky...

Flaw'd: Let the Wind Carry You Home


Let the Wind Carry You Home Flaw'd Stencils & Aerosol on glass mosaic tile; framed 11" x 11"   I enjoy feeding and watching hummingbirds. I can't help but smile when they make their cute sounds and am in awe of the knowledge that their heart rate is over 1200 beats per minute. With...