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Teodora Pogonat: Good Luck


Good Luck Teodora Pogonat      Digital photography 8” x 8” print (framed/matted to 14” x 14”)   Inspiration: Koi fish in Japan are thought of as good fortune and also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. They are also symbolic in Buddhism to represent courage. I couldn’t help but think this...

Cara Jackson: Wimberley's Blue Hole


Wimberley's Blue Hole Cara Jackson         Acrylic On Canvas 11"x14"   There is nothing more relaxing than pausing to look out over the clear, cool, spring-fed water at Blue Hole, and nothing more exhilarating than jumping in!   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Cara Jackson  Cara Jackson is a lover of the outdoors and can regularly be...