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Herefornow_art: The Farm ATX


The Farm ATX Herefornow_art Oil on wood 9" x 12"    Inspiration: This piece is an interpretation of a sunset I was lucky enough to see from my backyard. I live on a property in Austin called The Farm ATX, that is beautiful and unique and never ceases to amaze me at...

Herefornow_art: The Fool


The Fool Herefornow_art Oil on Panel 18" x 24"     Inspiration: This is my interpretation of "The Fool" tarot card. The Fool is one of my favorite cards, as it is numbered '0' meaning the fool is always present. He is the beginning and the end. He has everything he needs to succeed on...

Herefornow_art: Forest for the Trees


Forest for the Trees Herefornow_art Oil on canvas 18" x 24"   Inspiration:  This painting was meant to invoke that feeling of being in the park, or in nature in the springtime. Using loose brushstrokes, I added an expressiveness to the piece that makes it personal and special to me.   Get to Know the Austin...