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Melih Aydincik: Silhouettes


Silhouettes Melih Aydincik Photograph on Metal 12” x 24’   A young man, his silhouette a speck against the Istanbul cityscape. Moving on by the sea, alone. The light brings a warm peace, the sound of the sea a calming companion.     Get to Know the Austin Artist: Melih Aydincik I am an internationally exhibited...

Melih Aydincik: Rainy Day Rush


Rainy Day Rush Melih Aydincik Photograph on Metal 16” x 24”   A man, a woman, and a child lined up unknowingly. Rain put them in the same direction with similar bustles. Their reflections in rhythmic and synchronized rush. Strangers perfectly aligned, only for a moment, before they part ways.   Get to Know the...