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Rebecca Murray: TRex


TRex Rebecca Murray Pen on Bristol Board 17" x 14" (framed) I wanted to challenge myself when I decided to draw a Tyrannosaurus rex. Their faces have so many different scales and levels of detail, it really took a lot of patience on concentration to stick with this drawing. I have a full-time job during...

Rebecca Murray: Converse Sneaker


Converse Sneaker Rebecca Murray Pen on Bristol Board 17" x 14" (framed) I've worn converse sneakers since childhood and thought it would be fun to draw one! I love working with simple materials: A white piece of bristol board and black micron tech pens. Because I work in pointillism, sometimes in the beginning stages of...

Rebecca Murray: Maz


Maz Rebecca Murray Pen on Bristol Board 17’ x 14" (framed) I love Maz in Star Wars and was intrigued to draw her unique character. I've been drawing since I could pick up a crayon and marker! My mom started me in art classes with a woman who taught out of her eclectic garage/studio when...