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Rosemarie Good: Quiet Gratitude


Quiet Gratitude Rosemarie Good Mixed Media on Yupo Paper 13” x 19”     Quiet Gratitude is about reflecting on the small things.  A gentle color, a delicate flower, the textures that lie beneath the surface... these elements can easily be missed in the our daily lives unless we stop and pay attention....

Rosemarie Good: The Invitation


The Invitation Rosemarie Good Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper 11” x 11”  $200 Every day we have the opportunity to become a part of what is going on around us. Beyond the busy world is one that invites us to slow down and pay attention to the small moments of life. When we actively...

Rosemarie Good: Delighted


Delighted Rosemarie Good Mixed Media on Yupo Paper 12” x 16” Sometimes we take turns going down unexpected paths. What is unknown can be truly scary. But it can also be truly beautiful. With this piece I started off with different intentions, but somewhere along the way my path shifted into a space...

Rosemarie Good: Tribe


Tribe Rosemarie Good Acrylic Ink on Yupo Paper 9” x12”   Tribe is a celebration of the friendships we find ourselves in that add color to our lives every day. Within these sacred communities we build each other up, cheer each other on and find the courage to be known.   Get to Know the...