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Autumn in Mae: Hand Painted Glass Bulbs


Hand Painted Glass Bulbs (Ornaments) Autumn in Mae  (Austin Tx Artist) Acrylic & Spray Paint      Get to Know the Austin Artist: Thedocia Autumn Mae Crocker is the owner and operator of local artisan company Sovereign Frequencies, an interdisciplinary and multidimensional artisan company focusing on glass, metal, fine, photographic, craft, and urban art.  Most of...

Autumn Mae Crocker: HWY 290: Hatching Pills


HWY 290: Hatching Pills Autumn Mae Crocker Acrylic, Montana Gold, Pan Pastel on Canvas, framed 12” x 36”   As Austin bursts at its seams, the outskirts and low-lying Counties surrounding Travis like Hays and Williamson are growing and burgeoning into the same ole version of a small town as there ever was, ramput with...

Autumn Mae Crocker: Haku: Where are you going?


Haku: Where are you going? Autumn Mae Crocker Acrylic, montana gold, pan pastel on canvas 12” x 36” Framed   Inspired by my studies of water, air, bubbles, and Studio Ghibli. Haku is the deuteragonist Japanese Water god forced into servitude in the Japanime Spirited Away.   Get to Know the Austin Artist:  Thedocia Autumn Mae is the owner...