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Valerie Bentley: Poppies


Poppies Valerie Bentley Acrylic and copper leaf on canvas 10 x 20"    I wanted to use this composition to extenuate the long, wiry stems that so beautifully hold up such vibrant ruffles of red. The contrast of copper leaf creates an illusion of the poppies popping off the canvas.   Get to Know the Austin...

Valerie Bentley: Orchid


Orchid Valerie Bentley Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 10 x 20"    I wanted to emphasize the length of this flower through the use of a narrow and vertical canvas. the gold leaf helps illuminate the piece and stylized clouds adds a touch of whimsy   Get to Know the Austin Artist: Valerie Bentley b....

Valerie Bentley: Truce

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Truce Valerie Bentley Acrylic, ink and gold leaf on canvas 11" x 14"    While walking the trails at a park one morning, I came across this peculiar hole in a tree. My imagination instinctively put an owl in it; however, as I sketched out my idea, I loved the contrast of a red...

Valerie Bentley: Whirl


Whirl Valerie Bentley     Acrylic and ink on canvas 20" x 16"   The red poppy is known for its vivid color, large overlapping and folded petals and thin, tall and twisty stems. Whirl focuses on and exaggerates these unique features of the flower creating an emotional and spiritual symbolism. The cheerful ribbons of red,...

Valerie Bentley: Partir De La Vida


Partir De La Vida Valerie Bentley    Mixed Media on canvas 16" x 20"   I wanted to portray afterlife as one of beauty and light, rather than dark and full of sorrow. I've attended many funerals where there was more joy than sadness, in celebration of the deceased's life and now new life....