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Michael Bayer: Accidental Austin (Photo)


Accidental Austin Michael Bayer 35mm Film on Luster Print 8”x10” A happy accident.  What I thought was a roll of 24 exposures of expired Fujifilm turned out to be 12.  This was unbeknownst to me until I reached shot number 30 on my Pentax K1000, and the advance lever had not stopped.  This shot...

Michael Bayer: Together Alone (Photo)


Together Alone Michael Bayer 35mm Film on Luster Print 8”x10”  I captured this image on a very foggy October morning.  From the interstate, you can see this lovely stretch of the Austin boardwalk.  However, this morning it appeared somewhat desolate and separated from the action of the city.  The two folks came in to...

Michael Bayer: Old, Meet New (Photo)


Old, Meet New Michael Bayer Digital B&W Image on Luster Print 8”x10” The Buford Tower is a story of overcoming obsolesce and growing pains in Austin’s endeavor of expansion.  The structure was built as a fire drill tower in the 30’s and was used for such until high-rise buildings began to overtake the Austin’s...

Michael Bayer: #13 Moonlight Tower (Photo)


#13 Michael Bayer 35mm Film on Luster Print 8”x10”  The mysterious aura of the moonlight tower stems from its beginnings in Austin history in 1894.  The city chose to erect 31 towers in the late 19th century due to safety concerns and due to their efficiency in coverage compared to the then-new street lighting...

Michael Bayer: Dawn at Enchanted Rock (Photo)

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Sunrise at Enchanted Rock Michael Bayer 35mm Film on Luster Print 8” x 10” This was a combination of dumb luck and location that all came together at the right moment.  After a fitful night trying to sleep on stones around Enchanted Rock on an astrophotography trip with my friend Dane Gudde, we...